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In the first unit of this module, the general introduction of Information Systems [IS] is discussed in addition to its noticeable impact on systems thinking throughout history and different philosophies. It is presenting the different historical stages of IS and how it is a reality now. The fact that IS has been born almost two centuries years ago before the emerging the different technologies is interesting. Additionally, the replication/connection of humans and computers is engaging in which we can see the replication of an organic creature to develop the philosophies of the electronic system and technology [presenting the similarities]. The posture of this concept is more noticeable in the machine learning/artificial intelligence base.

Innovation and inventing a system in the topic of Cybernetics was mainly around the below focuses:

Self-regulation             Self-organisation                Feedback/Reflect

Development of an innovation/invention based on feedbacks and successes is somehow a natural law, seeking a more extensive range and more opportunities. Second-Order Cybernetics introduced, with the interaction of the system with the environment and humans. In the next stage of evolution of this theory, we see ‘Complexity,’ in which with more profound concepts looking at the relations, connections, environment, and different criteria affecting a specific system or each other.

Let’s talk about the AI!

Author’s Perspective

Innovation in automation and increasing productivity, in most of the industries, is the all-time dream that leads to several outcomes. Improving Retail/Shopping Experiences, Automating Customer Services [Bots], Real-time Assistance, Improving the performance of local/central Governmental Agencies, Operational Automation, and Outcome predictions. These are just a few of the many ways AI can be used. What’s remarkable, however, is that many of the AI apps, which are designed specifically for cloud-based systems, are quickly and easily deployable. Companies whose systems are in the cloud can be benefitting from them in no time at all [one of the obvious example here is MS CRM]. Being in the 20th century and noticing the rise of Industry 4.0 in addition to changing the networks into complex ecosystems, Information System (IS) is playing an essential role in aiding/driving humanity toward efficiency and production. In this blog, I will talk about emerging technology, besides covering the related innovations and test their implications on the ground.


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Review#1: The rising tide of artificial intelligence and business automation: Developing an ethical framework

Scott A. Wright, Ainslie E. Schultz | Ryan Center for Business Studies, Providence College, Providence, RI 02908, U.S.A.

Review#2: Artificial Intelligence in Business: From Research and Innovation to Market Deployment

Neha Sonia, Enakshi Khular Sharmaa, Narotam Singhb, Amita Kapoorc | Information Communication and Instrumentation Training Centre, India Meteorological Depart

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Review#3: A Business Case for Artificial Intelligence Tools: The Currency of Improved Quality and Reduced Cost

Lauren Parks Golding, MD, Gregory N. Nicola, MD | Cost Vs. Quality | Using AI in Healthcare

Review#4:Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Digital Marketing

Dan Dumitriua, Mirona Ana-Maria Popescu | University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management, Splaiul Independentei 313, Bucharest, 060042, Romania

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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence: The good, the bad and the ugly

How do you manage in a world where Artificial Intelligence is changing the nature of business? | Amit Joshi, Goutam Challagalla


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businesses and organisations employ AI today
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voice assistants are now in use
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The AI industry will be earning a year by 2025.
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believe self-driving cars are safer than regular cars
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are now working on designing autonomous vehicles
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of business professionals point to machine learning and AI as their company’s most significant data initiative for next year
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of business execs who indicated that they are skilled at using big data to solve business problems or generate insights also use AI technologies
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of commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021 (IDC forecasts)
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of businesses say AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage
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of executives say their primary goal for AI is to enhance the features, functions, and performance of their products
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of CEOs say AI and automation will increase vulnerability and disruption to the way they do business
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of CEOs are most concerned with the potential for bias and lack of transparency when it comes to AI adoption
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of businesses in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry expect AI to have a significant impact on product offerings in the next five years
0 %
of U.S. adults use digital voice assistants to interact with devices without using their hands
0 %
of B2B marketing executives predict AI will revolutionize their industry by 2020
0 %
of B2B marketers expect AI to help identify prospective customers

At the End...

Through the above reviews, we can clearly understand the definition of AI and its importance. Besides, its current status of development and utilization across different sectors have been discussed. Moreover, the area of influence, the technologies required, and future predictions have been presented. The topics of mobile and big data, the trend and relation to business automation, related linear innovations, and risk management studies have been covered.

The importance and application of AI in some sectors have been reviewed. Healthcare and Marketing targeted as two leading influencers in this field. Lastly, the cost and financial benefits [two-sided] of the implication of AI discussed and studied.

In the end, it is evident that AI will develop and help humanity improve and increase the quality of life [if neglecting the possible adverse outcomes]. We love AI!


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