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Use of Sensors Before and During Pandemics

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What is Pandemic? Should I Be Worried About It?

The terms endemic, outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic indicate how common a condition is at a point in time relative to how common it was at an earlier time and they are often used to describe infections, although conditions such as hypertension, cancer, violence, or even positive, beneficial behaviors can also be described the same way, based on how many cases of a condition there are compared with the expected number of cases over a given time and how far the cases have spread geographically. As a global outbreak of a disease, there are many examples in history, the most recent being the COVID-19 pandemic, declared as such by the World Health Organization on March 12, 2020. Pandemics are generally classified as epidemics first, which is the rapid spread of a disease across a particular region or regions.

History of Pandemics

THROUGHOUT HISTORY, as humans spread across the world, infectious diseases have been a constant companion. Even in this modern era, outbreaks are nearly constant. Here are some of history’s most deadly pandemics, from the Antonine Plague to COVID-19.

WHO officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. It is hard to calculate and forecast the impact of COVID 19 because the disease is new to medicine, and data is still coming in. – Johns Hopkins University estimates

Latest Updates on COVID19 - 2020​
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COVID-19 Resulted in Biggest Financial Market Drop Since 2008


A Sensor as an input device provides an output (signal) concerning a specific physical quantity (input) that transform real-world data into (usually) electrical form. There are lots of sensors embedded in daily use devices, as the result of a technological boom in 2020. [wearable, portable devices, mobile devices, computers, etc].


As the initial idea, connecting and gathering the data from these sensors [BD & Raw Data considering confidentiality and S&S / Open/Close D.] will be beneficial for the early detection of epidemic diseases and prevention from pandemics. Additionally, the procedures of monitoring treatments and real-time access to patients all over the world can be partially solved. Beside of inventions related to new physical sensing products[Not all of the measurands -Medical and non-Medical- mentioned above can be measured accurately via domestic devices], a sophisticated software/platform to collect and analyze all of this information from individuals and reporting the outcomes effectively and adequately will be the main innovation.

Utilization of data gathered from the sensors and to address the possible affected communities and individuals will be the initial step. Connecting daily basis available sensors via Enterprise 2.0 and analyzing the data in order to image the path of epidemic diseases is the main goal in order to be able to control the situation in any given circumstances.

Measurands & Integration in MedSens

Additionally, the utilization of a central AI/Platform through agencies/authorities and provide necessary privileges to third parties will open the door of studies and further investigation on spreading the cause and provision of methodologies of interventions. Also, social aspects can be monitored via this specific technology [Population movement]. Lastly, the AI and Backtesting Health Records will help to forecast future needs.

Specification of MedSens
Goals & Outcomes

In addition to decreasing the casualties, due to flexibilities provided in the innovation, ​the mechanism is acting as a complementary/supporting setup.  Reducing the cost of monitoring the patients, prevention from outbreaks [or slowing down the pace], minimizing contact frequency, and awareness rising are some of the other uses. Due to an embedded powerful reporting/tracking mechanism, the statistics are useful, helpful, and interesting.

Side Goals

For sure the Platform and the established AI can be used during the Green times for several beneficial concept such as monitoring the patients [other diseases] and health tracking of subscribers

Target Market
Government & Federal Agents
Hospitals & Clinics
Home Care Settings
Elderly and PWD
Long-Term Care Centers
Action Plan